Wholesale Program offered by AerosheenDetailer Pro Program offered by Aerosheen 

Aerosheen.com™  offers an extensive wholesale program and Drop Shop Program.     You must have a Business License and Tax Number to purchase wholesale from  
If you have your own UPS or Fed-Ex shipping account Aerosheen.com™ will drop ship for you.  This is a legitimate wholesale program and the huge inventory and the discounts available to you are well worth it.  Just email Sales@Aerosheen.com and include your copy of your company’s Business License (BOE230) or we can email or mail you the form. We will include our Credit Card billing application form also. Drop Ship Program Here’s how it works:
You email the PO and a Packing list to Wholesale@Aerosheen.com
Aerosheen will process your order and ship it for you at Discounted pre- established price.  Aerosheen will ship using the ” yours ” packing list as the 
only paperwork in the box.
As far as shipping, Aerosheen can use your FedEx Shipping account,
your UPS account or even a USPS account, or Aerosheen can bill 
actual freight cost and add it to your invoice.    Then you will be sent an  invoice to pay via PayPal, you can pay on Credit card or how ever you wish to pay it…..
Feel free to use the Aerosheen.com images and text from the site.

If you want to get started, just request a Drop Shipping attachment and email it back. Please be sure it has been signed and filled out completely.
International AERO Products Detailer Pro Program, is an exclusive program.  This allows detailers, body shops, dealerships and retailers to offer affordable back of the house detailing to their customers with out sacrificing AERO’s undeniable quality and performance.AERO’s state of the art product line is proven to save detailers time and money with products that are easy to use with superior professional results.  This allows for more vehicles to be detailed and more customers to be served.Once having a vehicle detailed with AERO Detailing Products, owners will want to know how to maintain its unparalleled appearance:  send them directly to your retail department to pick up a Mini 6-Pack Traveler or 16 ounce bottles for routine detailing.  No matter the circumstance, AERO’s Detailer Pro Program will lead customers from the back of the house to the front of the house to become a loyal re-occurring AERO buyer.
Detailer Pro Series Products Not For Retail Sale:    
Pro Shine                 case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro Finale                case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro Immaculate       case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro Protect              case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro View                  case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro Spot                   case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro Supple               case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro Away                  case of 4-32oz bottles    
Pro Suds                   case of 4-32oz bottles
100G. SINGLE CLAY BARPro Glide                  
Pro 300 GSM Towel – White    
10     Pro 300 GSM Towel – Black     10     Pro 600 GSM Towel – Grey       10 Most products are available in gallons, 5 gallons, 55 gallon drums, and totes.
Inquire for Wholesale pricing at Sales@Aerosheen.com